The ability to choose is a gift.  How we use it  determines our character. Mark Sanborn, in “The Fred Factor” tells us “Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional.”  It is not your circumstances that determine who you are, but the choices you make in those circumstances.   You may covet a man’s position, but what you admire is something about a man’s character, regardless of position.

Circumstances may make heroes known to themselves or to others, but who you are is built on each choice you make from now on.  I just watched the movie “Unknown” where actor Liam Neeson’s character discovers the truth of this.  But this happens in real life. I had my car “hit and run” by a man whom I learned was known and periodically monitored by police.  Later that man made a choice that made him a hero, when he ran into a burning building and dragged an old man out.   What did he do after that?  I do not know.  I was encouraged, and hope he was encouraged to continue to make the many small choices to be exceptional.

Choice is a gift. Each choice takes you in a direction.  Choose each time to build the character of a hero.

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