Walk a mile in my shoes

Not actually my shoes, but one man got my respect this way!  A young pastor named Bob volunteered to tend the farm of a local dairy farmer so the farmer and his wife could get away for a vacation.  Little did he realize all that entailed, until he was in the middle of it:  What do you do when the silo unloader stops working?  The cows have to eat, and the only thing to do is to get into that silo and dig through tons of material until you can get the mechanism working.  Normally the job of the pastor is mostly reading, thinking, writing, and working with people.  Bob certainly walked into this situation, not realizing the number of hours a farmer really has to put in, or the real physical punishment of the job.  And he has many times since stated that he would never do it again.  But he put himself into the shoes of another man, and stuck it out!  All this in order to put feet to what he understood to be the message of Jesus.  I knew the farmer, and I understood some of the workload.  I would not have persevered to the end of that difficult week, but this city boy, Pastor Bob did.  When you hear a preacher who actually lives out what he preaches, you listen a little better, and give him the benefit of any doubt.

Pastor Bob has influenced my life greatly, not simply because of what he said, but because he actually lived it out.  What he knew, he’d do!   How about you?

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