Think first?

In Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, we see that much that is done in today’s world is done without much thought.  Paradoxically, it does not take much thought to realize this.  Modern American business seems obsessed with this idea that acting quickly and decisively is of a higher value than making the right decision.  This seems to have worked well for marketers, but what has it cost all of us in the big picture?  Action is absolutely necessary, but action without thinking can be fatal.

From my childhood, I remember the story of a chalet in the mountains that was found empty.  From what investigators pieced together, it appeared that the people staying there had heard the roar of an avalanche on the mountain above the chalet, and fled, only to be overtaken by it and killed.  They had failed to stop and notice that there was a rock promontory  immediately behind the chalet.  The avalanche had divided when it came to that point, directing the snow flow to either side of the building.  Had a few moments of observation and thought been included before they jumped into action, tragedy could have been averted.

Some of the great challenges to our society and the world could certainly benefit from a bit more thought being taken before action.  And I should probably have thought about this a bit more before publishing my entry…

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