Why did it happen?

Whitney and Laura were both loved and lovely, inside and out.  Both attended the same college and both were athletic and involved.  Both came from a church-going family, and were themselves committed to following Jesus.  One day they both got in the school van together, and on their way, a tractor-trailer crossed the meridian and ploughed into the van.  One of the girls was killed and the other was not.

The question that everyone always comes to in difficult situations is “Why?”  “Why did God allow the accident to happen? Or, as the surviving girl asked, “Why me?  Because everyone else in the accident — they were just amazing people. “

As natural as the why questions are, they do not lead to a future.  Life is filled with all kinds of events, good and bad.  While reflection can be helpful, the ultimately most important question is “Now what?   Whatever hand you are dealt, what will you do with it?  There are choices to be made for the future – the past has been set.   Will you chose to be immobilized or bitter?  Will you spend your strength finding someone or something to blame?  Or will you use the experience to propel you to new goals?

If you have time, you will really enjoy reading how the various members of these two families handled this terrible event and the traumatic aftermath in the following link.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23849928/ns/dateline_nbc-newsmakers/t/twist-fate/#.Tzu2HMXZC3Z

How do you choose to handle inevitable and unexpected events in your own life?

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