How You Will Die

It seems that there are several ways people deal with the fact that they will inevitably die within a century of their birth, more or less.  Here are some approaches:

  1. Ostrich: Pretend that you won’t die.
  2. Control freak: Try to choose timing/circumstances of death.
  3. Postponing:  Focusing your efforts on prolonging life.
  4. Doing it all: Trying to fit all possible experiences of life in.
  5. Taking chances: Assuming you will die soon, so taking large or unnecessary risks.
  6. Roulette martyrdom:  Throwing life away on the chance that your final act may somehow save you.
  7. Mourning:  Allowing knowledge of your own mortality to darken the days of your life.
  8. Enjoying life:  Taking in and enjoying everything up to the end without rushing it.
  9. Maximizing the end:  Planning on being ready to make the most of your death when it comes.

Do any of these, or some combination represent your approach?  If I missed your way completely, leave me a comment.  I’d like to try a survey here, to see which of these might correlate to different views of the afterlife or lack thereof.  Please respond, and I will post what I learn, if anything.  Choose at least one lowercase letter and one uppercase letter in the box below, and press vote.

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1 Comment

  1. Diane

     /  February 22, 2012

    I try to live by doing the best I can where I am, with God’s help, and my approach is to ‘store up my treasures in heaven’, not really maximizing the end, just living– to go on living in eternity


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