No Change in Character

Malachi 3:6  “I the Lord do not change.  So you, O descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed”

Have you ever thought how bad it would be for you and I if God did change? If  you work for someone where one day your actions please him, and the next day the same actions don’t, not only would it be frustrating, but also eventually you would be out of a job.  Does that affect your feeling of security?  Now imagine that instead of just being your boss, this person capriciously determines whether and what you eat.  Feeling insecure yet?  Now consider if that person had the power to grant you life or death.  Wouldn’t you feel better in the hands of someone who doesn’t change their mind over time?  As the ultimate person of power over the universe, if God was not unchanging we would be in a precarious position, always uncertain, waiting for the axe to fall as it would inevitably  – only we would have the agony of not knowing when.  But as He tells us in the Bible, He does not change.  And we know that He does not lie: when you are the ultimate power, what would you gain by lying?  Instead you just state the reality and expect everyone else to deal with it.

In Malachi there are plenty of warnings of discipline to a people who were behaving badly.  These people were inconsistent, they did vacillate and change;  and you’d think God would justifiably take their evil as reason to destroy them.  But God does not change.  His behavior is not dependent on ours.  In this verse he tells the people that they will not be destroyed, as they clearly deserved.  An the reason given is simple – “I the Lord do not change.”  In other words He does not go back on His promises, on what He has already decided.

This should give you and I great confidence in our situation.  We can trust God’s promises.   When he says that all we need to do is believe that His son Jesus died and rose from death for us, we can take supreme comfort in knowing that we who believe will likewise rise from the dead to life eternal.

Despite our continuing and sometimes awful failings.   Be glad that God does not change.

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